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Anne Onny Mouse: Mother of Sizzling Wok Treats @ 05/15/2009 15:06:05 CST

its the weekend babyyyy. and of the long variety. i find it hard to post on here especially when there are so many other places to do updates on, like facebook and twitter. guess that means it is time for it to evolve up in dis. remember in pokemon when you would level up? "Squirtle is evolving!", yeah i always thought that sounded dumb. like as dumbsounding as "Friendster is getting to crowded! Forward this to a friend so you won't be deleted!". it's "too" motherfucker, it's "too"! whatever happened to classic lines like "On to the next match!" or "MILDRED!" or "Warning: Incoming Game" or "You're not my dad. OOAAHHH!" or "It's so bad." or "Fuck you nigga, cuz i CAN." or "Chicken? This doesn't taste like chicken, it tastes like soup." or "Quit being so naked.. NOT!" or "Blockbuster Video: Rentally Metarded". i used to like bejeweled's "No More Moves!". not anymore cuz the roof is ong fyahhhh.


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